N4FV Repeaters

The N4FV repeater site is home to several repeaters. I don’t have an ego that has to be pampered with many repeaters blaring out my callsign on them. I also don’t believe in wacky announcements, time reminders, or other things that cause distractions.

The 2 meter and 440 repeaters are linked together 24/7. What is broadcast on one is repeated on the other. If I am mobile, chances are I will be accessing the repeater via the 440 side. The W4WC 145.390 and 443.200 repeaters are also set up the same way.

Recently we turned on the 6 meter repeater. Best distance so far was 800 miles into Maine on a band opening one afternoon.

N4FV 147.060 + 123.0 Tone
N4CAG 443.150 + 100.0 Tone
KJ4IGR 53.010 – 100.0 Tone – Currently operating in carrier squelch mode, tone not required to access it. It does transmit tone and you may want to program CTCSS decode on your receiver. This is subject to change if any interference issues arise in the future.