LeadZM Model LE-C2 Evaluation

The styling of the radio appealed to me when I saw it. It was $10 shipped so I took the plunge and bought it. After programming it and then trying it out on a couple of repeaters, I’ve determined at this time I prefer it over the BF888. The antenna is longer than a BF888 and preliminary tests indicate it may transmit better than a BF888 with stock antenna.

The audio announcements are in a male voice and not female like a BF888. The scan function works the same as the BF888.

Pros of this radio are

A. The case is slimmer and taller than a BF888, so it feels better in my hand as well as carrying in a shirt pocket.

B. The battery is rated @ 2800 ma 3.7 v. BF888 is 1500 ma 3.7 v. Almost twice the capacity.

C. It uses Baofeng accessories such as programming cable and speaker mic.

D. CHIRP software is compatible and you read/write the radio as a Baofeng BF888. All functions of the BF888 that are programmable seem to work except beatshift (inversion scrambling).

E. There is a micro-usb charging port under the accessory flap below the speaker mic connections that lets you charge the radio from a usb charger in your car. There is also a desk charger included that the radio charges by just inserting it in.

Cons of this radio are

A. The belt clip is flimsy and looks like it would break easily if abused. I didn’t bother to attach mine, as the radio is perfectly sized to slip into a shirt pocket.

B. Although you can check the beatshift (voice inversion scrambling) option in the software, it is was not functional on my radio.