N4FV and N4CAG Repeaters

The N4FV/N4CAG Little Bald Mountain repeater site is home to several repeaters.  We don’t believe in constant announcements, time reminders, or other things such as beacon ID’s that cause distractions.  Little Bald Mountain is a short distance away from Camp Creek Bald Mountain where other Greeneville repeaters are located but Little Bald is at a lower elevation.

N4CAG owns tower site on West Barton Ridge Road on the south side of Greeneville.  The N4FV 441.975/446.975 is located there.  This repeater is co-located with a GMRS repeater that currently serves the local Greeneville area and gives much better handheld coverage than repeaters located 12 miles away on the mountain within most of the Greeneville city limits and the downtown Greeneville area.

The 147.060 and 443.150 are linked together 24/7. What is broadcast on one is repeated on the other.  The W4WC 145.390 and 443.200 repeaters are also set up the same way.  441.975 is not currently linked to the internet or other repeaters at this time.

All of our repeater sites have internet connectivity via private microwave links.  N4FV provides the internet access for the W4WC Camp Creek Bald Mountain Fire Tower camera. It may be viewed at www.ajarc.org.

N4FV 147.060 + 88.5 Tone – On Little Bald Mountain linked to N4CAG 443.150 – This is a backup repeater for the W4WC 145.390

N4FV 441.975 + 100.0 Tone  –  West Barton Ridge Rd in Greeneville

N4CAG 443.150 + 100.0 Tone – On Little Bald Mountain linked to N4FV 147.060

53.01 – 100.0 Tone is back on the air as W4WC and located in the fire tower on top of Camp Creek Bald Mountain and no longer affiliated with our sites.

441.975 Predicted Coverage