N4FV Repeaters

The N4FV repeater site is home to several repeaters. I don’t have an ego that has to be pampered with many repeaters blaring out my callsign on them. I also don’t believe in wacky announcements, time reminders, or other things that cause distractions.

The 2 meter and 440 repeaters are linked together 24/7. What is broadcast on one is repeated on the other. If I am mobile, chances are I will be accessing the repeater via the 440 side. The W4WC 145.390 and 443.200 repeaters are also set up the same way.

N4FV 147.060 + 123.0 Tone
N4CAG 443.150 + 100.0 Tone

53.010 – OFF AIR – Due to a lack of interest by the local community this repeater has been removed and possibly will be relocated elsewhere.